The Budget Battle – interesting data

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Politics
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OK, blogging can be difficult. I just got back from a trip to San Jose so there has been nothing new for well over a week. The trip was very productive in many ways but the blog suffered. While there, I was discussing many things with several companies. Some will show up here. As a teaser, OLED and the necessity of RGBW technology, non von Neumann computing, and high speed memory and the need for serial I/O. This is all very techie stuff. So, today I’ll post something entirely different.

I am watching the news and the budget debate is very frustrating. There are claims and counter claims. Without taking sides, I found the first table in this¬†Wikipedia article interesting. Don’t just look at who was president, although that is very interesting. It also shows which party controlled the House and Senate. Debt as a percentage of GDP is interesting. Mostly I am posting this to get you thinking and looking at facts rather than following whichever party rhetoric you are inclined to align with. Enjoy and think.

  1. Cathe Conner says:

    You are correct about how frustrating the budget is. There has been so much finger pointing and blaming for way to long. We, as a country, need to band together and get the spending under control. There is no reason that we pay $700.00 for a hammer when you can get one for $10.00 or less at Sears, Home Depot, etc. Same goes for the toliet seats. Our government has gotten so out of control on how to spend our money. Military can be blamed also, not all equipment needs to be under Mil Specs. In reviewing the Wikipedia article it is just mind boggling how out of control our government spending has gotten. Thanks, I needed something to really think about and added this into all the other things going on it is overwhelming.

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