Lesson of the Week – What the directions don’t say

Posted: May 28, 2011 in cooking
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When making tapioca pudding the directions say to bring the pudding to a full boil. They are even nice enough to explain what a full boil is. Little do they say that the volume will increase and potentially overflow the pan. Starting with an inch and a half of room might not be enough. Another lesson learned.

  1. Cathe Conner says:

    My experience in cooking has taught me to use a good size pan when cooking something new that I haven’t before. I sure hate the overflows and the cleanup. So in the end did the pudding turn out good?

  2. DaveK says:

    Recipes should be thought of in a similar manner as patents. Both “tell” you how to make something, but neither give you all the secrets. The cool thing is that you can use both as starting point for combining your experience and make something even more interesting. For example, adding tapioca pudding mix to muffins can make some very strangely shaped yet tasty edibles. As for patents, they just tell you what you have to work around to do what you want to do.

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