Nit Picks for Apple

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Apple
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Here are some small things I would like to see Apple change.

  1. Make printing in OSX consistent across apps. I can print to a PDF in Preview but not from iPhoto and not if I select a file in Finder and then select Print.
  2. Make printing return addresses easier. You can easily print contacts to address labels but you can’t fill a sheet of address labels with one contact. This makes printing a bunch of return address labels very frustrating.
  3. Allow placing the menu bar on individual windows like in Windows. Being in a window on the lower right of a 30” monitor makes it a pain to go all the way to the upper left of the monitor to get to File Print.
  4. Make it so iTunes uses the Pictures, Music and Movies directories and create a new standard directory named Books. Use these. If possible make iPhoto use them too.
  5. Add automatic backup to iWorks applications.
  6. Allow access to a directory structure in iOS. At the least generate a Documents directory and allow access to it and the creation of subdirectories. I should be able to save a PDF and open it with multiple programs. Similarly, when a web site wants me to upload a fie I should be able to place the file in Documents and then select it for upload using the website’s interface.

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